Villa Païva

Villa Païva


In addition to the quality of our flower arrangements, we offer a unique environment to let you travel the time of a visit to our boutique. The passion of our work comes with the passion for decorating. We do not want to sell flowers only, we want to share a moment of calm and poetry with you. To make it possible, we offer a world appart due to its furniture, its ornaments, as well as his musical universe. We try to regularly change our window displays and make variations in the decor following the seasons and important events.

Passionate about his job, Yannick Delplace, master florist and his team offer plants, work and packaging of quality. Yannick and his team are very demanding about that.


We also have an annexe at the back of our shop and we simply called it: The Boudoir. It is where we will receive you to talk about your future projects (weddings, photography, vegetal dresses etc, photography, film project …).


His 20 years of experiment are not making this florist someone of taste. All this time gave him the mastery obviously, but the sensitivity is most of the time inborn. Yannick was born with this sensitivity… This faculty to use his senses. The eyesight is the sens that nature favoured to him. Nevertheless, beyond the eyesight is hidden a great power: his imagination !

Indeed, this is with his imagination first that he has distinguished himself from the others and could work for renowed florist in Paris (Christian Tortu, Lhuillier where he was head of the team or for Quinquaud). After being soaked up by the most beautiful decors of the capitale and having faced demanding customers, he decided to open his own boutique, first in Sens and now in Monptellier.

Young, he was already fascinated by antiques, outspending money in antique shops. Thus, he also had this passion for history of art and started to read again and again. He found his universe in the Baroque style combining extravagance and profusion.

What makes him an artist is the coherence in his work. Extravagance and profusion are meeting in his floral arrangements as well as in his window displays that makes passers-by stopping in front of it and make them dream for a while.


Let’s discover more pictures of our shop and windows displays : OUR BOUTIQUE GALLERY 

Your florist is a specialist of:

  • Weddings
  • Floral decoration
  • Garden design
  • Individualized bouquets 
  • Bereavements 
  • Birth
  • Religious ceremonies 
  • Retirements 
  • Inaugurations
  • Cocktails & seminaries
  • Private views
  • Commemorations
Facade enseigne de Villapaiva - Fleuriste à Montpellier Hérault
Other :

  • Jeweller, unique pieces (by appointment only)
  • Prestigious cars renting
  • Photographe specialised in wedding and fashion.
  • Translator (english) (contact)
Florajet Paiements accepted: Modalities :
Le fleuriste Villa Païva est membre FLORAJETOur boutique works with the worldwide company Florajet to send flowers nearly anywhere in the world.  

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Monday : 13H – 20H30 
Tuesday to Saturday : 9H30 – 20H30 


Villa Païva,

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FLEURISTE VILLA PAÏVA – 54 Blvd des Arceaux 34000 Montpellier